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Meet the Power bacK Models

Naja Von Ztrange

From the darkest shadows of The New Orleans metal scene emerges the new manager of Power bacK Models. She has been a part of the Power bacK family since its very humble beginning in 2012. Making her first Power bacK appearance in the Misanthropic Innoculation video "Bleed the Prophet". With her in place as manager the vision of this department will be carried out in the most metal way.

A definite Jane of all trades. She owns a studio where she teaches performance arts, she plays with fire as a fully trained professional pyro handler, she belly dances, she appears in music videos such as Down's "Conjure" , and she really loves heavy metal music and dark and creepy things. She looks forward to gigging and touring. 

Pyro Katie

Crow is a bellydancer who loves to support live Metal shows with her troupe "Ditallu" between acts, and even during band sets. She is also a alternative model, and bassist of Louisiana band Sicksicksick. 

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